Vrsi view from the skyVrsi is located on the small peninsula on the end of North West part of Northern Dalmatia. The name Vrsi originates from the word “Vrhovi” or “Vrsi”, meaning ‘on the top’.

Vrsi’s biggest treasure is it's beautiful 34 kilometres long rugged coast. The coast line is filled with natural coves and hidden beaches. Islands Mišjak and Zečevo belong to Vrsi as well. Zečevo has a unique feature. During high tide, the passage to the mainland called Prizda gets filled with sea water which makes it an island. However, during low tide, the island of Zečevo becomes a peninsula and it is very easily accessible to walk over Prizda.

Vrsi, beachYou’ll enjoy untouched nature, crystal clear sea water and beautiful views of island Pag and the magnificent mountain of Velebit far from civilization.

Vrsi is highly recommended both to the families with small children and to individuals who want to enjoy quiet, beautiful and urban beaches.

The oasis of tourism in Vrsi are the areas of Mulo and Zukve. They are parallel to the bay of Nin.